Mornings with Archie



Archie has been passionate about radio ever since realising there was a profession that involved talking for a living and not wearing a suit to work everyday!

In the hunt for great content and engaging radio, Archie was Sydney’s most talkative Uber driver before joining Power FM…giving him a platform to improve his skills interviewing a variety of “guests” and maintaining a stellar 5 star rating. 

Apart from radio, Archie’s other passion is all things sport with a particular obsession for the beautiful game…an obsession that has seen him attend the last 2 World Cups in South Africa and Brazil where he had images of him kissing his best mate broadcast around the world while celebrating a Socceroos goal.

Growing up in Sydney, Archie is brand new to country life and Bega and can’t wait to meet as many people as possible, hear their incredible stories and hopefully make you laugh and keep you entertained on Power FM everyday!

True Story: Archie’s real name is actually Sam. With Archie being a 3rd generation family nickname passed down from his grandpa…who’s real name was Oswald…makes sense right?!

Untrue Story: Archie is a phenomenal cook.