Young men rescued by chopper off Mossy Point

November 23, 2022 6:10 am in by

What was meant to be a relaxing afternoon in the water, quickly turned into a scary situation for three teenagers at Mossy Point on Monday (November 21).

Two young men on a small inflatable boat got blown out to sea, ending up around one kilometre offshore of the main beach at Mossy Point on the South Coast due to strong and damaging westerly winds hitting the region on Monday afternoon.

A male friend made it out to the pair on a stand up paddleboard (SUP) to try and help but the winds were too strong for them to return to shore.

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A member of the public called it in, and the Westpac Lifesaver 23 Helicopter was deployed from Moruya.

Rescue Crew Officer at the Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter team in Moruya, Euan McKenzie, said the boys didn’t have much hope once they wind got behind them.

“The wind grabbed them and took them several hundred metres out to sea,” McKenzie said.

“Those strong westerly winds caught them out, and when we arrived overhead, they were about one kilometre off the main beach at Mossy Point,” he continued.

“They were all in their late teens, enjoying a nice day at the beach but by the time we got there,they were cold and you could tell they were very concerned about their situation.

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The Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter team were able to rescue the two young men on the inflatable boat while the friend on the SUP paddled over to Pink Rocks to wait for a Surf Lifesaving Jet Ski to give him a lift back to the beach.

McKenzie said it’s a good reminder to be safe and be smart around the water, coming into the warmer months.

“We are in a remote location and we don’t have seven-day patrolled beaches so while it would be smart of me to say make sure you’re in between the red and yellow flags that’s not always possible,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie, said locals and visitors on the South Coast should remember to check weather conditions and warnings before entering any waterways, tell family or friends when and where you’re going and to make good choices.

“Just stop and have a think about what you’re doing before you jump in,” McKenzie said.

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“Things do happen but luckily there was no tragic outcome this time,” he said.

“We just have to be as careful as we can.”

Images: Westpac Lifesaver 23 Rescue Helicopter


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