Marine Rescue volunteer attends to man in distress on land

February 9, 2023 4:56 am in by

Marine Rescue NSW Eden, Fleet Officer Kent Farrell used his years of first aid experience to help an elderly man who suffered a medical episode on Wednesday afternoon (February 8).

Farrell was driving to his Marine Rescue NSW shift at the Snug Cove facility when he noticed a man in trouble along Imlay Street just after 1pm.

“I saw an elderly guy just suddenly drop to the ground, so I pulled up,” Farrell said.

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“Some workers nearby saw it as well, they rushed over and helped him,” he explained.

“We got him into a vehicle and took him to the Marine Rescue training centre where I did some basic first aid.

“He looked in very poor condition, he was very pale, his pulse was weak but rapid and his eyes were quite glazed, he was quite disoriented.”

NSW Ambulance was called for assistance with paramedics assessing the man before transporting him to South East Regional Hospital in Bega.

“I hope the guy is ok but he did’t look very well,” Farrell said.

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“He was in good spirits,” he said.

“We’re just lucky we were there to be able to help him when he fell.”

All Marine Rescue NSW boat crews are trained in first aid and advanced resuscitation techniques.

Image: Marine Rescue NSW