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Lift Fitness is a functional training centre. LIFT stands for Lifestyle Inspired Fitness Transformation - and that is exactly what we sell, fitness transformations that are inspired by lifestyle. By movement, by positive goals, by focusing on what we are gaining rather than losing. We put the fun back in training and we make it a lifestyle. We make going to the gym a hobby not a chore. You will train because you want to, not because you feel you have to. It is where you learn to lift yourself, both physically and mentally.

45 minute group training sessions available from Monday-Saturday.

Sessions focus on strength, power, endurance, conditioning and cardio and are designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

Our goal is to create an inclusive group based strength and conditioning program that will allow any individual (all ages, genders and fitness levels) to continuously progress physically and mentally.

Performance Tracked.
Performance Tracked training means not only do you have access to facilities with programming and convenience, but one that tracks the number one critical success factor to guaranteeing fitness results, namely applying effort.

How it works is you wear a heart rate monitor compatible with Lift Fitness’ in gym technology and this allows you and your trainer to monitor your exercise intensity, calories burned, and heart rate recovery every single session.

Track your effort in real time and send the data back to your personal app.

You get access to your own personal app which you can use to track your body metrics over time and assist in achieving your weight management goals. Set specific daily, weekly, or monthly targets and caloric expenditure and be held accountable to hitting your targets. You can also integrate with nutrition management apps.

The Heart Rate Monitor is yours to keep and use outside of the gym classes.

Free kids corner is also available to members every session.


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