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People refer family and friends to Christine. They say "Let me call my agent Christine Ewin" or "You need to see my agent Chris"

The business name was created with no make up, a pair of baggy pink PJ pants at 10pm at night with a cup of tea in her hand. The symbolism of this start to a company was poetic.

Christine has always worked with intuition and My Agent Christine Ewin was just perfect.

Christine Ewin started in Real Estate in Batemans Bay in 2001. Immediately there was something different about her. She was just not what you expect from an agent and that was soon regarded as her key to success.

A warmth and compassion combined with straight shooter honesty was the ideal blend of soft yet tough.

Chris has no cloak and dagger, her transparency is compelling and she has a strong track record with a multiple awards nationally and internationally.

She is driven and focused as much as she is humorous and cheeky.

Constantly her reviews suggested that Chris develops relationships with buyer and sellers that is beyond a single transaction.

The feedback suggests that at no stage do they feel the hard sell or slickness well know in the industry. Its like having a chat with a friend that you can be open and honest with.

Family and friends are referred to Christine, the perfect agent to support the bereaved, those who are stressed out or in financial dire straits. Chris is a problem solver.

Her advice is over a cuppa or a wine, it often ends with a hug and she just takes the pain out of real estate

When opening My agent, Chris needed to duplicate what she knew was the foundation of success.

She attracted well respected employees that have the same unwavering sense of right and wrong.

This team will never compromise on company ethics or moral values.

They will commit to do the best for the client always.

Reputation is everything and Chris is inspired to build a brand that is recognised as having solutions, not adding to the worry.

No over inflated marketing so it puts the agents name in lights.

Instead clever marketing targeted to the right buyers for the property.

No overpricing the home to get the listing and then start pushing the owner to drop their price.

Instead solid advice based on market conditions and being able to look at comparisons together.

No telling a buyer that the owner is negotiable.

No breaching privacy.

Disclosure is the key.

Transparency is the future.

My Agent is Your Agent.

My Agent is doing it better.


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