Smashed - Program Dedicated to Reducing Underage Alcohol Consumption

Mon 27 Sep 2021 to Fri 31 Dec 2021

  • Free
  • Online

Smashed, the global education program dedicated to reducing underage alcohol consumption is now available as a free, online program in Australia to help teens avoid risky behaviours and better understand the dangers of underage drinking in a flexible format that can be accessed anytime.

Smashed is a preventative program intended to help reduce the prevalence of early alcohol use amongst young people by engaging participants in a safe and motivational learning environment. The project is designed to enable young people to explore the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and to equip them with the facts, skills and confidence to make responsible choices and foster informed attitudes that reduce alcohol-related harm among teens.

The online program enables all young people in Australia, particularly those in regional or remote areas to access the skills and knowledge delivered by the program in a home-schooling environment. 

Smashed online is facilitated by Gibber Australia. Gibber CEO Tim Watt says: “Smashed Live has been and continues to be an incredibly effective way of connecting with young people around the risks of underage drinking and alcohol misuse. The online extension of the program enables us to continue this conversation but on a much bigger scale. Smashed can now empower young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to make healthy life choices around alcohol, regardless of where they live.” “We know there are teens at home who are struggling with lockdowns and social isolation so by providing this education program online we're hoping to reach these vulnerable young Australians and prevent them from experimenting with risky behaviours and alcohol.

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