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Meet Chris

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Countdown the hours to knock off weekdays with Chris from 2pm only on Power FM Bega Bay.



From the time he first pushed play on a CD player (the olden times) at a radio station when he was nine, Chris Lee has always wanted to be on the radio. Chris has travelled right around NSW with his radio career.

Things Chris is proud of:
- Running with the Olympic Torch in 2000
- Competing nationally in swimming
- Being told he wouldn’t walk at 21, overcoming the odds, and now still playing footy at almost 30.
- Acting in a play at the Sydney Opera House

Things Chris isn’t proud of:
- Countless nudie runs
- Inhaling 1kg of Chicken Parma in a food challenge, then exhaling it.
- Pole dancing on any inanimate object whilst out partying (he claims to be an African American goddess Shaniqua in a past life)
- Questionable fashion choices including double denim and pink tights with a green mankini

Who are we kidding, he’s proud of it all.
After work and on the weekend, you’ll find Chris having a run in the South Coast AFL with the Wollongong Lions and DJing and MCing around the Illawarra.

 Chris Lee Wave FM by Caz Nowaczyk